New Orleans has been a popular destination for visitors for most of its 300 years, but lately, it’s been a magnet for the rich and famous. From locals who have returned here after earning their fame in Hollywood or New York to a new wave of high-profile residents such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and John Goodman, the list of movers and shakers who want a second home in New Orleans is growing. Once you’re here, you’ll discover dozens of reasons to love life in the Crescent City, but these are four of the best.

New Orleans Renaissance

After Katrina devastated the city in 2005, some wondered what New Orleans would look like a decade later. The answer’s clear: It’s more vibrant than ever with a busy restaurant scene, a cultural rebirth, and a thriving music industry. From jazz to alternative to hip-hop, musicians have space to create and perform in New Orleans. For business leaders, a boom in biotechnology and the growth of a movie industry that’s now second only to Hollywood itself for film and commercial production give the Crescent City new allure.

Great Neighbors

For famous faces, being somewhere they’re recognized as neighbors first and stars second is a welcome change. New Orleanians have gotten used to seeing movies filming on city streets, and local restaurants regularly welcome celebrities without the crowds. Because the region’s produced so many celebrity chefs, famous musicians, actors and hometown sports heroes – the Manning family is still considered local royalty, for instance – locals aren’t likely to get starry-eyed when meeting famous faces. Stars seeking somewhere to relax and avoid autograph seekers consider a second home in New Orleans as a retreat from the demands of life in larger cities, yet they still enjoy all the luxuries city living offers.

New Opportunities

The 2008 recession never hit New Orleans as hard as it did elsewhere because the city was already in high gear as it rebuilt. For entrepreneurs seeking the right place for a start-up, business owners looking for a promising location and service providers who have something to bring to a city that’s growing in multiple industries at once, New Orleans is an outstanding choice. Students fresh from Tulane, Loyola, and UNO supply businesses with energy and ingenuity, while the relatively low cost of living frees start-ups from the huge overhead they face in costlier cities.

NOLA’s Unique Charm

Nowhere else in the world is like New Orleans. Effortlessly combining a party atmosphere with historic elegance and southern graciousness, the city offers something to everyone. A walk from Canal Street to the heart of the Quarter is a special kind of magic, transporting you back in time without ever leaving behind modern comfort. Music and the perfume of sweet olive trees from hidden courtyards fill the air, and it’s more intoxicating than anything served on Bourbon Street. For many people who visit, a single stay isn’t long enough; they have to be a part of it. With Four Winds’ New Orleans location, you can call New Orleans home too.

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