When decorating the interior of an apartment, it is essential to reflect your personal style. Adding in your flavor will distinguish you and your home. Here are 6 things to consider adding to your apartment to create an aura of self expression.


1. A Better DoormatNew Orleans Apartment Doormat

The first thing that a guest sees as they are approaching your apartment is the door. Adding a welcome mat can do a few things for you. Firstly, it shows off that you are a decorative person, and care about the style of your apartment. Second, it allows people to wipe their feet off a bit before entering. Keeping a clean apartment is a crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and that all starts with the first few steps.

2. A Rocking Sound System

A guest enters your apartment, and the entire mood can be set by one thing. Sound. If you are a music lover, and constantly have tunes playing through the house, then you must invest in a quality sound system.

3. Unique Art

Having one-of-a-kind art in your apartment is a sign of refined taste, travel and style. It shows off part of your lifestyle that people cannot experience first hand. Buy that tribal mask, that street artist’s painting, or that sculpture that you have to pay to have shipped home. Your wide travels show your unique experiences and are reflected in your furnishings. Unique art in New Orleans can be found in Jackson Square, Royal Street, St Claude, and many other galleries and shops on Magazine Street.

4. DIY Project

Buying art is not the only way to create a beautiful and inviting apartment. Taking the time to build something is a great way of expressing self. From a bookshelf, to a copper ladder, to turning your own photos into art, are all examples of Do-It-Yourself projects that add a unique flair to your home. Check out pinterest.com for some great ideas and inspirations.

5. Something Living

It is important to have plants in the home. They help fight pollution indoors and thus freshen the air. This can help reduce colds, sickness and even help keep you happy. Letting in some nature into your home is a great way to show off your apartment.

6. Amenities You’ll Love

Finally, having an apartment building with great amenities is essential when entertaining guests. From a rooftop, to a pool, to a fitness center, these are a must if you are looking for high quality and luxury in an apartment building. Four Winds allows you to provide these unrivaled amenities to your guests, so look for an apartment that goes above and beyond!

If you’re looking for the perfect New Orleans apartment to call your own, look no further than Four Winds Nola. Schedule a tour today by calling 504-524-2400.

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