Every American city has traditional features, but few places can claim the distinctiveness of New Orleans. Historical New Orleans residences give you the opportunity to relish the city’s traditional aspects firsthand. With cultural elements that range from the American south to France and even Africa, New Orleans has taken ethnic mixing to a new level.

Old and New

Just like the city’s cultural blend, historic apartments in New Orleans embrace diversity. For instance, in many of the city’s apartment buildings, you’ll see the old mingling with the new. This mixture gives residents the best of both worlds. When you choose to live in a historic residence, your home will likely come with large windows, which supply plenty of natural light. Many classic apartment buildings also include time-honored finishes like crown moldings and wood floors. If you appreciate tradition, you will enjoy the sense of refinement that these features bring to your surroundings.

Because historic residences often include design aspects that are no longer convenient for today’s way of life, many apartment building owners are renovating the interior of these structures. As you begin searching for a living space in a historic building, you will likely have the option of living in an old apartment that features a new kitchen, modern bathroom and walk-in closets.

New Orleans Historic ApartmentArchitectural Significance

In New Orleans, a number of architecturally significant structures exist. Within the city, you’ll come across the classic American town home. You’ll recognize this building by its brick exterior and façade walls. Creole townhomes adorn the city with their iron balconies, gabled roofs and dormers. Cottages, villas and gallery homes are also present within the city.

Since New Orleans is a city that tends to honor and invest in its past, a number of historically registered office buildings have been converted into apartments. For instance, the Four Winds began its life as The Canal Bank and Trust Building. The structure now houses luxury apartments. Other converted buildings within the city include old factories, warehouses, and even stables.

Last Thoughts

Historical New Orleans residences include traditional trimmings like elaborate iron columns and railings as well as modern updates such as granite counter tops and energy efficient windows. By choosing to live in a classic building, you’ll have the opportunity to become one of history’s latest stewards.

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