New Orleans entrepreneurial activity is helping to revive and diversify New Orleans’ economy. The growing community of tech startups, wooed by the reasonable price of commercial real estate in the Garden and Warehouse Districts of the city, have brought a sense of vitality and business activity to New Orleans’ downtown neighborhoods. The migration of educated young people to NOLA–many of whom earn high incomes–has encouraged the development of luxury apartment buildings.


In a city so saturated with history, culture, and personality, the learning curve can be steep for NOLA newcomers. Recent transplants to NOLA often find that it takes longer than expected to learn the local lingo and acclimate to the unique pace of the city. If you’re looking for a new home that doubles as a personal haven, the following guide offers useful tips to keep in mind while searching for the perfect luxury apartment in NOLA.



The laid-back lifestyle of New Orleans’ extends to its apartment renting process. When it comes to tenants for their apartments, most landlords operate on a three-to-five week cycle. People will probably look at you funny if you begin checking out apartment listings more than a few weeks ahead of time.



Using an agent is a smart idea, especially if you are not totally familiar with NOLA’s real estate market. In New Orleans, the lessor almost always pays the agent (if the apartment was formally listed), so using them as a resource is a no-lose situation.



Property managers in New Orleans are notoriously strict about pets–the city’s relatively old residential housing codes don’t help on that front, either. If you want to move somewhere that is pet-friendly, where you and your dog and cat can live in peace and harmony, newer luxury apartment buildings in NOLA are your best bet. Four Winds offers floors dedicated to pets, so both pet lovers and those who are not fond of pets can feel at home.



New Orleans is well known for its varied and unique architecture, but the city’s cool and funky-looking houses are also known for their idiosyncrasies. NOLA’s historical homes are quite charming; many of them have narrow doorways and steep staircases. If you are looking for a more convenient, livable space – Moving into one of the city’s modern apartment complexes is an excellent choice, if you want to live somewhere that is handicap-accessible. Luxury apartments are a better choice for people who need more space to live in comfort. You can peruse floor plans for Four Winds rental units online as well.



Humidity in New Orleans does take some getting used to, but your skin will be glowing like a movie star’s before you know it, If you’re interested in an apartment where it’ll be easy to cool off, consider checking out apartments for rent at Four Winds, a luxury apartment complex in NOLA’s bustling Central Business District. The building boasts a beautiful rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city and the entire rooftop is outfitted with speedy internet connectivity. For its tenants, Four Winds offers an impressive health and fitness facility, a sauna, and smartphone-controlled thermostats that will make your building feel less like an apartment complex and more like a spa.



If you’re not sure what the housing market is like in NOLA, or the amount of space your budget can afford, Curbed Comparisons provides a helpful rubric. A rent calculator can assist your number crunching in comparing the cost of living in different NOLA neighborhoods. Got kids? Although this information is designed for relocating employees, the pamphlet provides clear assessments of schools, neighborhood demographics, and crime.



It’s KLY-OH, not KLEE-OH. New Orleans has its share of French landmark and street names. It’s worthwhile to research correct pronunciations of names to avoid looking like a tourist. Check out this list, which outlines commonly-mispronounced street names for people who are new to NOLA.



Be ready to fill out an application right away. And we discourage you from signing a lease sight-unseen.

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