When people think of New Orleans, they think of the French Quarter, and with good reason. It’s the vibrant, beating heart of the Crescent City, the reason New Orleans gets so many visitors and attracts so many new residents. As wonderful as the Quarter is, though, it’s not the only place to be in New Orleans. In many ways, living near the French Quarter is better than living in it.

A City for Walking

Newer American cities were designed for cars; New Orleans was built for pedestrians. The French Quarter’s blocks are short, and its streets are narrow. Neighborhoods surrounding the Quarter have more space but are still built to a human scale, bringing everything the city has to offer within easy reach. Living near the French Quarter instead of within it puts you that much closer to the city’s bustling business space, the newly elegant warehouse district and the historic streetcar line that opens the garden district to you.

Big Easy Access

Those narrow French Quarter streets are a delight to walk, but what happens when you want to go for a drive? Parking is at a premium in the Quarter, especially during the city’s busiest times. After every Saints home game, during convention season, and for large events such as Essence Music Festival or the Jazz and Heritage Festival, French Quarter residents brave big crowds to run their daily errands. During Mardi Gras, the city closes the Quarter’s streets to traffic altogether. For Four Winds residents, access is simple even during the height of carnival season.

Charm Doesn’t End at Canal Street

The French Quarter’s iconic architecture is a draw to locals and travelers alike, but many of the historic buildings surrounding the Vieux Carre share its authentic charm. Hardwood floors, high ceilings and other architectural details evoke gracious French Quarter living with modern amenities their older counterparts may not have. New Orleans is a food-loving city, but to try your own hand at recreating local chefs’ amazing dishes, you need a kitchen that’s up to the task. Building and remodeling French Quarter homes is a challenge. By living outside the Quarter, you enjoy the best of old-world styling with modern innovations.

The Vieux Carre is a national treasure unlike any other neighborhood in the world, but the best way to appreciate this living work of art is from just enough distance to truly appreciate its beauty.


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